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Online Course

You want to use Scrum to set new impulses? You want to know how Scrum works? You want to start with a Scrum-project, or you want to improve an existing Scrum implementation? You want to have your knowledge certified by Scrum Alliance? Then this Certified ScrumMaster® course is exactly what you need.

Certified ScrumMaster®

Online Course

Thu, 25.02.2021 - Fri, 26.02.2021
09:00 - 17:00 UHR
Your Trainer
Dr. Wolfgang Richter
Agile Enthusiast since 1998
Certified Scrum Trainer
Certified LeSS Trainer
Scaling Expert
Agile Change Agent
"I am an agile trainer and agile coach by passion. As probably the first person world-wide earning a PhD for research about Agile Organizational Structures, I feel like a pioneer of the first hour. The enthusiasm for this topic has remained. Besides that, my two daughters, cars, comics, and music make me smile, too."

Use our virtual classroom and learn with your trainer Dr. Wolfgang Richter and other enthusiastic agilists for the certification as Scrum Master.


For this course you need a computer, internet access with sufficient bandwidth, a camera, and a microphone for audio and video connection. So you are prepared to join our virtual classroom with the comfort to stay safe at home.


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Introduction to Scrum, what is Scrum?
Agile values, principles, and ways of thinking
Scrum Framework: Responsibility of roles/accountabilities, tasks, events, artifacts
From Scrum Vision to the first Sprint Planning
Retrospectives as part of a continuous improvement process
Meaning of the Product Backlog
Self-organization/self-management in the team
Scrum Flow: Scrum Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective
Scrum tools and techniques
Role and accountability of the Scrum Master


You understand the background and principles of Scrum
You got a summarized, qualified knowledge about Scrum
You got to know the Scrum Framework
You experienced, how Scrum Masters and coaches will master challenging situations
You can plan and steer (big) projects efficiently
You have received new impulses from Scrum-experienced trainer
You are able to start with your own Scrum journey


Talk, discussions, exchange of experience, case studies.

In our practice-oriented workshops we always clarify three questions: „What – How – Why“.
We use Scrum to structure our workshop.


JIPP.IT is a Registered Education Provider (REP) of Scrum Alliance – Your guarantee for competent knowledge transfer.
After successful participation in the training and successful completion of an online assessment, participants will earn the „Certified ScrumMaster®“ certificate. This certification counts for further certifications at Scrum Alliance – find out more here.



Project Leaders / Project Managers



Product Managers


Line Managers

Agile coaches

Anyone interested in learning about Scrum and/or becoming a Scrum Master



Martin Weßel

research-team Jimenez-Schmon-Höfer GmbH
"Hello Wolfgang, Thank you very much for the material and the super course, I also had a lot of fun.
As I have just passed the test (46 out of 50 questions correct), you seem to have achieved your goal very well too!"

The FAQ about online courses

Any questions about the online course process – here you may find these FAQs helpful or contact us at


Not sure if this course will work remotely?
We use Zoom for audio-visual communication, and Mural for collaboration. By using Zoom breakout rooms, participants can also work together in small groups. The insights are shared like being face to face. So the learned theory can be anchored in exercises right away. The feedback to the online version of this course is great.


What is the balance between lecture and hands-on training?
The trainings are very interactive. Theory is followed by a practical exercises. We make sure there is a good mix, so that what is learned is well anchored, regardless we are together in a physical room, or in a virtual setup.


Is there already feedback to online trainings from participants?
Yes, in March 2020 we switched to online trainings.  „The combination of Zoom and the joint content creation via sharing made the theory come alive for me. And even remotely,“ said one participant.


Do I also receive course material with an online course?
Yes, a workbook is distributed to participants online before the course starts.

We are at your service!

Nina Dötzl-Freisinger
Trainings Coordination
+43 3112 90 300